Monday, May 08, 2006


Today, I had mixed feelings as a Mom.
My kids love taking a bath, be it morning, noon or night. They know that Mommy loves to let them play in the tub for more reasons than one. One, its really a "together-time" for the 2. This is one place where they started to play together, they learned to take turns with their bath toys, their bath pails, and recently, they've been playing Mommy to each other taking turns soaping each other's backs. Two, it is my opportunity to clean up their room, fix their clothes, or sort the laundry. Sometimes, it takes me too long, my older one would call out on me and say that their toes are all "krinkly" (wrinkly). Three, I just enjoy cleaning them up from head to toe. The "playing together" though sometimes gets too difficult to put an end to, specially when they have their enjoying their bath bubbles. So, the best way to stop them and get my little one out of the tub is to tell them that the older one will start rinsing off with the SHOWER. Oh, my little one would right away say "Mommy, take me out, take me out!" That ends the battle of ending the bath time routine. It's been like this for the past 2 years and it always works. But today, my little one, also ended that. My little one ended being our baby who hated the shower. When my older one was taking the morning bath in the shower, my little one said, " I want to take a bath too!" We all said, "in the shower?" Our baby (I guess, baby-no-more) exclaimed, "Yes, in the SHOWER!" Yes, my little one braved the shower! One, Mommy felt good that indeed, my baby is growing. Two, Mommy felt sad because baby is growing way too fast! Three, there goes my only tactic to ending their bathing together. Oh well.....

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