Wednesday, May 03, 2006

No Windows

After 2 years of being a stay-at-home mom, we decided that I should go on with my career. At that time, I thought, "Will I be a good mom to my 2 toddlers despite the fact that I would not be at their beckon call anymore?" Well, really, it was more like, I needed to go back to work already! More than just for financial reasons of course. But you know, if you're living in the US, yes, you can enjoy the best life can offer, but well, you have to earn the dollars to spend too. So, that's the financial reason. Personally,I would love to stay home and be a mom all-day, but being a responsible wife, daughter and sister, entails more than just staying home. I wanted to jumpstart on my career so my husband and parents would be proud of my accomplishments. I wanted to continue to inspire my brother, so that he'll know that one can juggle family and career successfully. Of course, for personal satisfaction, it is good to know that I'm paying society back by being in the business that I'm in.So, I went, I am now working with a very good company. We're in the healthcare business and I do government contracts management with them. It's actually a job I've always wished for. Liaising, project management, legal research, communication and customer service rolled into one. It's with a company which provides healthcare management to the United States military and their beneficiaries. Like I always tell my Mom, God has really planned my life well. He is shaping it in such a way that I am always excited for every new day. Back to work, it is helping me quite a lot that our office is housed in a what used to be a government facility (or so it seems), get this, NO WINDOWS! Yup, no windows around me. You need to get out by the door or at least the lobby to see what the actual weather is. Sometimes we'd hear raindrops we'd all go outside by the exit to check and see. Like I said, it helps me though to concentrate on work (ok, sometimes I do blogging or googling too). It helps me focus so that while I'm inside the workplace, I would actually be doing WORK. It helps me get excited too for the end of the day, knowing that when it's time to go home, I will see the sun, shining on me. Outside, the air is fresh, the flowers are abloom, it gives me a new chapter to look out for. Knowing too, that after work, I will drive home to my toddlers who are anxiously waiting for me. When I get home, I will get their hugs and kisses and sweet whispers saying "Mom, we missed you!" So, its ok, having no windows 8 hours a day. It's ok. (Don't you just wish you see the same view in the picture here when you get out of your workplace?)

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