Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Emergency Room

Yesterday, after work, I felt a very uncomfortable pain in my stomach. I've had acid reflux in the past but this was so much different. My husband and I had to do some errands before going home so I just tried to rest in the car. However, the pain just kept growing and growing. I thought, "as soon as I get home, this will be more manageable as I can change clothes, lay in bed and sleep." Hoping that when I wake up, it will be gone. So, we get home, I told the kids that Mommy wasn't feeling good so I needed to go straight to our room to rest. My eldest wanted to help me get up the stairs and said, "Mommy, I'll take care of you." Boy, that sounded really good, having my little angel's love and concern already made me feel better. But that was emotionally. Once I got the my bedroom, and onto the bed, I thought I could sleep. Oh no, I couldn't get myself to lie down and get into a good position that will make the pain go away!It was so bad, I couldn't even lay straight, sideways, nothing worked! My dear husband decided to take me to the emergency room. The ride to the hospital was bad, so bad! But I said, "at least when I get to the ER, we'll know what's going on." Well, and so I hoped. We arrived at the hospital around 6:30ish. Not much people around. I got triaged pretty ok, around 7:30, then, wait. We waited and waited and waited. 10:30, nurse calls me. Doctor checks and asks and asks and asks. Diagnosis? They weren't sure. Could be gallbladder, gallstones, but wait, no symptoms really. They made me take Maalox, oh geez! And I thought peppermint mocha was good@$%*! Finally they run tests on my wee-wee sample and thought it could be bladder infection? Oh my gosh! Went home with antibiotic prescription and antacid medicine. Well, no wonder they kept us waiting, the emergency room's motto: don't encourage patients to come back. Keep them away from going to the ER! It's way better to call 911. At least I didn't have to wait until 12:30 am!!!!!

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