Monday, April 30, 2007

I have found you....

I have found the bag, my Kate Spade bag... Hudson Street Francis in tobacco ... when will you find me??????

Wednesday, April 04, 2007


My little daughter has always been meticulous about different things. She's the one who would notice that her placemat's turned around, or her shoes or flip-flops are on the wrong side of her feet, or that her footwear were not next to each other where she's left them... she'll always make sure that her socks would be the same color as her shirt or skirt/pants, she's gotta have all her bling-blings when leaving the house (ring, necklace, bracelet), her hair needs to be fixed a certain way or have some clip or headband.... she gives up if her colorings went outside the black line, she gets mad if you bother her if she's working on something, oh, you better not interrupt her on anything... and I can go on and on and on....

Sometimes I'd think that she's really so cute still because she's young, then I keep wondering how it would be as she gets older... case in point, on the weekend, after she's gone to the potty (which she's perfected by the way, no accidents since), I put her in the bathtub to start bathing... I started fixing her room and bathroom at the same time giving her time to play in the tub...well, she starts shouting "Mommy, Mommy, I can't take a bath here!!!" So I go, "Why?" The little girl answers, "IT's NOT PERFECT!!!" Like, (I was so confused!) "What do you mean it's not perfect?" Then she says, "but it's DOIRTY!". Well, she saw the little black stuff that forms from dust that accumulates and a stain on the side of the tub from her bath toys! Lesson learned, Mommy needs to clean the bathtub and the whole bathroom I guess before our little princess gets in there, yes my 3 year old princess! AHHH!