Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Looking back --- fast!

This year definitely went by so fast! My eldest turned older this year about the same month we moved in to our new home. My kids were so excited as we painted their room with their favorite colors course! They had a hand in decorating their room (Mommy hesitantly obliged) so it’s filled with bears and books and pillows and toys and etc etc etc. It took us about 6 months to empty our boxes and finally have at least 1 car in the garage. By that time though, we’ve eliminated most of all our trinkets and excess baggage (with Mommy – me making sure that we did not add or bring in garbage into our new abode).

The year didn’t really go by so fast without our family enjoying every bit of it. You would think that since we just moved into our new home, we would spend most of our days “inside” the house? Well, 2006 turned out to be our most traveled year. Summer was fun for the kids as they had their “triple-whammy”. Not only did they get a trip to San Diego to visit Legoland, we also went to California Adventure in Los Angeles. Something I look forward to in these road trips is the chance for our family to bond (yes, despite the stress of being in the car with our 2 toddlers) and the chance for our family to visit relatives. The kids got to play with their cousins. My cousin and his wife graciously hosted us (again!) and of course, we love tasting their new recipes. They provide us a good feeling of ‘relief’ as we see them raising their 3 toddlers. It’s nice to know there’s a couple out there going through the same things we do!

Did I say “triple”? Yes, just before summer’s end, we headed to the East Coast --- off to the Sunshine state, Florida! We stayed at a very nice resort with full amenities and 2 swimming pools at our disposal. Did I say it was very close to Disneyworld? We went one day to Universal Studios where the kids had such a blast! One day we spent at Epcot, it was kinda rainy so we really didn’t get to enjoy all the sites but had a spectacular time though at the fireworks display! Another day we spent at my favorite ---- Magic Kingdom! Oh, the kids enjoyed Mickey & Minnie’s Toontown – this is where they enjoyed every bit! Seeing, hugging and taking pictures with the Disney characters made such good memories for them. They can’t stop talking about everything they saw. Mickey and Minnie Mouse became their favorites! Of course, all of us adults loved “Wishes”! Watching that fireworks show rekindles sweet childhood memories, aspirations, and dreams. It just makes you live for another lifetime --- full of hope and love! Tiring (and expensive), but all worth it. Of course, nothing can cap our trip than a day at the beach. Not a Florida beach --- too bad, but nothing beats Blizzard Beach. The kids enjoyed every bit of it!

This year, my hubby also had the chance to go to North Carolina and Oregon on business. While I got to go to the Rockies (Denver, Colorado) for training and to attend a friend’s wedding in the Big Apple (yes, NY NY!). Oh well…. It was indeed a travel filled year!

We couldn’t be more excited though for my parent’s coming to America! Our kids have been desperately waiting for them to come to the US. After such a long wait, we finally welcomed them to our home on December 1st. It was such a heartwarming experience. Seeing them finally coming out of the arrival area at the airport, my kids stared at them for a couple of minutes, my older one overcame the “feeling a little shy” stage then went on to hug grandma and grandpa. My little one continued to stare on, until we said, “close your eyes for little bit and listen to grandpa” as they talk on the phone almost everyday! Yes, it worked! My little one kissed and hugged grandpa so tight! Now at home, they work magic with the kids, they’re all inseparable now. It feels so good when we go to sleep at night and you hear them thanking our Lord Jesus Christ for their lolos and lolas, and knowing too that they will be able to experience their grandparent’s love first hand.

We’re excited for Christmas too --- we as a family have a lot to thank God for; Papa's (my hubby's dad) successful heart surgery, my parent’s being here with us, new “baby-cousin” arrivals, our birthdays, keeping our jobs, having a new home, my husband’s aunt and cousin (who tirelessly help us in raising our kids), my little one’s recognizing her A-B-Cs and learning to write each of it, my eldest’s growing love for reading, and of course, the New Year --- yes, our youngest will be starting preschool and we will have a kindergartener next year! Life really goes by so fast! (Sigh!)