Monday, May 12, 2008


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Happy Mother's Day

I had a great mother's day yesterday. I've been celebrating since last week. My brother and her girlfriend sent me beautiful tulips and chocolates. The flowers are abloom now and that's just how my feelings are too! You've both made the distance closer between us. My kids have been bringing home their school projects this past week for Mom's day, and it's just fun reading about what your kids think of you as a Mom! Little sweet things go a long way for us Moms. What is sweeter though is the "little red" surprise I received from my husband and my little ones (I like it when they gang up on me on things like these!)

We started celebrating on Saturday by Racing for the Cure! We participated in the Komen Walk in Sacramento (yes, this is our 4th year). Sunday, we spent with the whole family, including my in-laws. We all went to church, where they paid tribute to the exceptional love that mothers give to their children and their families. It was a heartwarming experience seeing all the other moms and knowing that there are other moms who experience the same challenges and triumphs that I do.

Mother's day of course made me remember my own Mommy. Lola Mommy that is.
Here's my stump. I can go on and on and on but I will probably keep going back to a previous post which I think already captures the legacy of my Mom.

I love you Mommy, happy mother's day! You continue to inspire me to be the mother I know you desired me to be to your grandchildren.

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