Friday, May 05, 2006

End of the Week?

It's finally Friday and I was just asked, "Are you ready for the weekend?" My response: "Oh yeah, the minute I put on my Friday dress-down outfit, I am all-ready for my weekend!" And who wouldn't be? Fridays are so-called the "end of the week", I guess moreso for people like us who work M-F, 8 hour days (when you're exempt that really doesn't apply, right?). Days can be long when you're at work, long because I continually long to be with my 2 princesses and of course my hubby. Days can also go by so fast specially when you're swamped with work to do, research to google, meetings to attend, letters to write....before you know it, day's over and you really haven't finished anything yet. In both instances though, you still get home, super tired! Yup, there are just days that when I get home, I barely could eat dinner, change the kids to their jammies, get in bed with my kids who are hoping to hear Mommy read them their night-night stories, but you see, I end up sleeping before my kids even fall asleep. Poor Daddy ends up taking it from there! However, when you think about it, Fridays are not really the end of the week... right? Tomorrow it will be Saturday and your days never really end. Saying end of the week, just seems weird because there are actually 7 days in a week, so where does it really end? Oh my, I guess my mind is tired, my body is craving for a spa massage. Do you think I'll get one for Mother's Day? Well, I hope so. Happy Friday!

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