Monday, December 03, 2007


A-e-l-y? A-i-l-l-y? A-l-e-e? "Mom, how do I spell "Ai-lee's" name?" "Mom, do you know it's her birthday tomorrow? "
"Ailee is my friend, her hair is like mine, her clothes are like mine, the only thing different is our face."
My 4 year old has lots of stories about her friend Ailee. Everyday. Ailee likes this, Ailee likes that, they played this, they played that. One day, her dad asked is she wants to play with Ailee? She told her dad that Ailee actually lives very far-far away, leading her dad towards the window showing how far Ailee actually lives. Daddy challenged her and asked, "how do you like to go to Ailee's house? "I can drive you there!" She answered, "oh no Daddy, it's far, we're going to get lost."

Several hours after (tv, play, eating)... our 4-year old came up to her Dad again and started asking him "What happens if..." questions. This time she asked, "Dad, what happens if i go to my friend's house?" Daddy said, "oh no, you dont want to go to your friend's house" "What happens then if I go to my friend's house who lives far far away?" Dad answered, "you're going to get lost" She quickly replied, "See Dad, that's why i don't want to go to Ailee's house, coz you might get LOST!"

Did I already say that our hunch is that Ailee is my 4 year-old's friend from her very creative imagination?