Sunday, June 21, 2009

To my one and only --- Dad!


It's father's day today and how best can I pay tribute? Words are not enough to express my love and gratitude to my very first best friend. I remember when I was little, Mommy was the disciplinarian and I would be more afraid of her getting mad at me (or what I've done as a kid). You, you never really got mad at me. I always ran to you crying... your strategy was different, you would hug me and then talk to me, heart-to-heart. You would explain why Mom got upset, what I should've done. Then, we would pray together so I can ask sorry to Jesus for my not-so-good thoughts, my pain, and so I would not get mad at Mommy too. After we talk and pray, everything will feel better, I would learn from it and then, love Mommy even more. That went on and on from the time I was a kid, to high school, college, law school, and even when Benjor and I got together. To me, you were always there to understand.

You were my mentor, more so spiritually. You introduced Jesus Christ to me and helped me establish my relationship with Him. As a true best friend, you made sure that we will see each other in God's kingdom! You have indeed taught me a lot, from being a good friend to being a good wife and mother. Today, you continue to be my friend, I am even happier now since my daughters can have that special relationship with you too.

Our busy lives now though often get in the way and maybe, I have not had the chance to tell you how I feel. Dad, I cannot thank God enough for giving me this opportunity to be with you. Benjor and I truly value your "presence" with us and being "present" for your apos (grandchildren). You fill in the gap, the time I'm away at work, I am at peace since I know you are looking after the girls; when I lose it sometimes and unable to control my temper, you are there to help them understand the reasons why; when I get busy with the world, you are there to guide them closer to Jesus Christ.

Thank you Dad, from the bottom of my heart! We love you so so much, I thank Mommy for loving you and teaching us how to do just that. I'm sure Dundee feels very much the same way!

Happy Father's Day!

Your one and only daughter,


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