Monday, June 22, 2009

To Jor on our 10th!

I would want to be but really, I don’t need to be super rich with you, but the wealth of love and peace you have gifted me in the last (even more than) 10 years have more than given me multiple rebirths and endless wonderful self-discoveries. You have made it more than possible for me to be happy with myself and to be happy with others and the world around me. I am most blessed by your presence in my life and I would want that not a day would go by without me reminding you of your patient and understanding character.
I have gained so much insight from being the mother of our two, precocious, sweet, funny, intelligent daughters who teach me constantly, every single day, of what truly matters in life. Our children are God's gift to humanity and it is in our best interests to care for their very best interests as well. Bea and Lianne restored me to myself, to which Bea would always remind me, “It’s ok Mom, it’ll be alright, don’t panic, you did it well.” And Lianne will resound, “You’re the best Mommy!” Same to you Jor, “you’re the best husband and Daddy!”

Happy 10th Anniversary!

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