Friday, January 30, 2009

Petite Fit

Joe's Jeans
The Provocateur [n: petite fit] Inspired by all those times when late nights and genuine attraction come together. This silhouette has a shorter inseam and a higher knee break to lengthen the leg. It's no wonder then that a petite girl in a great fitting pair of jeans has all the sex appeal in the world.

Click on the title. To all my petite friends, this pair of jeans is just PERFECTO! Try it and tell me you found your best pair ever!


Vina Marcos-Rossuck said...

Joy, Did you get one? How'd you like it? I have large hips (classic pear shape)....the inseam is still slightly long for me but I guess I can wear heels.

cpsanti said...

Heehee. I can never find the right jeans for myself. Hehehe.