Sunday, January 11, 2009

Dear Santa

I found this note before christmas and it melt my "mother's heart".....

Dear Santa,
If I was good this year Santa, I would like Nintendo DS games. I would like Bolt, Pokemon Ranger, Rubiks Cube and Madagascar Escape2Africa. If you can't get these Nintendo DS games, I would just like a yo-yo. But if you can't get a single thing, I would just want you to make my little sister better so she doesn't hurt, push, hit, and do anything that's bad. I just want her to be nice to me.

Love, Big Sister

If parents can take credit to how their kids turn out to be... I'm one proud mom, cant' you see? She's the most patient big sister I tell you. Well, little sister can be very sweet at times, but she's the "princess" of the family. I guess we all know who we need to work on this year...

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cpsanti said...

aw, this is so selfless and sweet ;-)