Thursday, April 10, 2008

Remembering Mommy on Her Birthday

April 17 is Mommy's birthday. All these years, we've looked forward to this day to honor her and thank her for everything she does for us. When I was younger, my brother and I would look forward to this day because we know she will cook OUR favorite dishes, she'll cook so much to last until dinner time for sure! She'll cook my favorite spaghetti, my brother's favorite apritada, and my dad's favorite mechado (cooked in her own unique way). Of course, there will be some fish and salad also to complete the meal. Her best friend would come early in the morning so that they can spend their breakfast together over their favorite cup of Batangas coffee. All through the day, her co-teachers would come to spend the day with her, her brothers, sisters, and our other relatives with their families would come too to greet her and just pay tribute to her just because she's been a supporter of theirs throughout the year. Her business colleagues would call or even come to spend even a little time to be with her. That's just how she was, she's affected so many people around her that they take this opportunity to say thank you and just make her day as happy as can be.

When I got older and started having a job, I'd look forward to this day so that I can take Mommy out to lunch or dinner to a place of her choice. Usually, she'll still end up asking us where we want to go as we know all the "new" places in town. Even when I eventually moved to the States and had a family of my own, we looked forward to this day to send her flowers or goodies and she'll be so excited to receive and open. I know that the biggest gift I could've probably given her anyway were her grandchildren, so more recently I created albums with their pictures and activities all through the year. She loved receiving those, I know.

When Mommy passed on to a more serene life.... I was unsure of what to feel when her birthdate comes.... now that it's only a few days before that, I just would like to think of the little things that I would have shared with her if she were here with us. I know she'll be happy to know that my brother will spend a few days with us once more on vacation. I know that she, more than anyone else would be so proud because my brother continues to succeed in his career. He recently just got a promotion and is on his way to an all-expense paid company trip to Canada. Mommy would be so proud to learn that my youngest daughter who is only 4, is now reading and is impressing her teachers in school, just because she is such a fast learner. Oh, and my youngest, she takes on her grandma in all her priorities; cleanliness, structure, and beauty. Oh yes!
Mommy I'm sure is so proud of her eldest apo (grandchild) too, in all her achievements in school at her very young age, her singing, her quick thinking, and her sweetness all together. Lola Mommy would be so proud. Now all of these, I offer to you Mommy. As you look down upon us from the heavens, we greet you happy birthday! Lastly,we know you're happy there now knowing that Daddy is spending the best of his days with his grandchildren in the manner that you would've wanted to yourself. Happy birthday Mommy!

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