Tuesday, April 15, 2008

My Budding Poet

My youngest daughter is thrilled whenever she comes up with words that turn out to rhyme with each other. "The sun is shining bright, there's so much light!" then she'll say, "Mommy, bright and light rhyme!" Another time she said, "Hurry up Ate (big sister), I don't want to be late! We need to go to our playdate!" With big eyes, she says, "Mommy, late and date rhyme!"

This morning she came out of the shower and exclaimed (with arms flying in the air),

"A world filled with candies,
A world filled with sweets,
A world filled with popsicles,
A world filled with candy bars....
I am the Queen of the candy castle!"

Daddy and Ate were in the bathroom with her and they were laughing their hearts out!!!

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