Friday, May 11, 2007

The Change I've Been Waiting For

I decided that if I was meaning to change something in my life, the only person who can actually make that change would be no other but --- ME.

I've been telling myself that I would change my eating habits and go back to what I've actually started in 1998. Well, almost 10 years now and when I moved to the US in 1999, a year after and I was back to eating the not-so-good for me stuff. For at least a year, I turned myself into a semi-vegetarian person and I lost weight, felt good, but then that all went away. Recently, I haven't been feeling good, I felt that I've gained so much weight and have not been healthy at all. Gradually, since I had kids I've always wanted to start them fresh, providing healthy alternatives all the time. But I thought, I cannot preach what I don't practice, so I really have to work on something so that I can do this change. Like I said, I've been gradually shifting our kitchen into a healthier perspective. My kids drink non-RBST organic milk, they drink soy chocolate, soy cheese, organic fruits and vegetables, minimally processed turkey sausages, etc. They love carrots, brocolli, cucumber, and fruits! We use organic seasoning, sea salt, soymilk, olive or canola oil, whole grain bread, brown rice and lots of fruits and veggies all the time. So, what else do I need to change. A LOT.

So, I embarked on this Cleansing/Detox program courtesy of Kyle O'Hara
The concept is cleansing through juicing and detox/cleansing/fiber pills. It's a 3-day no-eating program but the routine takes you about 10 days until you can live a healthier yet fuller lifestyle.

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