Monday, November 16, 2009


My favorite season is fall... the weather... the colors... the outfit...
It's also the advent of get-togethers, family activities, school performances...
September kicks off the season... well, of course I wait for September every year as
it is my birthday month... my favorite month of course!
October is my youngest's birthday month so that only means I would've put a month's worth
of planning for her "birthday" as well.
Halloween is an occasion both kids look forward to... months of preparation as to the character
they will be. The day comes and suddenly, they want to be something else (wow!). Oh well, that's
what mommy-hood is about, everyday is a surprise. No matter how much of an OC planner you are...
November is Daddy's birthday so the kids are excited for that too... endless campaigns to eat out to their
favorite (which is Mommy and Daddy's favorite anyway) japanese resto. Thank God for family
it's around this time too that we're able to go on "1 out of 4 times a year" couples date.
Thanksgiving is the preemptor of winter, I love the fact that we get to see family this time of year...
endless eating of course. But most of all, I've made black friday a girls day out tradition for me (be it with my BFF or my cousins)! I usually shop for my most coveted electronic gadget, I wonder what it will be this year?

See why I love fall? I end up falling for everything fun, nice and, a shopping excuse before winter!

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