Sunday, October 19, 2008

Wedding Bliss Wishes

We just came from a wedding party where my youngest daughter walked as flower girl for the first time in her ample life...we were there almost the whole day! Started at 2 pm (of course we were there at 1:30 pm, right?), the mass went on for an hour and a half (thanks to the priest, he kept us awake the whole time...he actually was fun!), picture taking, then off to the hotel...

The hotel wasn't ready for the big crowd at 4, so we had to wait an hour to get in the grand ballroom. Well, it was all worth the wait (and hunger). There was an hors d' veors buffet that almost filled us up in lieu of dinner. Oh my, lots of good stuff, including fruits and veggie dips. My kids loved the chicken potstickers while I enjoyed the calamari. My hubby, he enjoyed the open bar! Yes, order all you want til your drunk!

Then, salad came, yummy cesears salad at that! Then, the main meal--- a combination dinner plate of filet mignon beef and salmon with shrimp & cream. Of course, grilled dill veggies on the side. Fruit punch was overflowing too so the kids got their kick too! The evening was capped by yummy cake and a long night of dancing! My kids were snoring by the time we got home!

Roxanne & Deni, may you have wonderful years of wedded bliss! Thanks for a great day!

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