Wednesday, February 07, 2007

A Message for Mommy

January 19, 2007

As we lay Mommy’s body to its final rest, I would like to go back and remember exactly what I have learned from Mommy’s life here on earth. Her legacy, I should say. Her life, has been pictured by all the stories we’ve heard today, of how she’s affected the lives of the people around her, and through how each one of us who had the chance to know her have seen her live her life.

Words would not be enough to describe Mommy, all her dreams and aspirations, not just for herself, but for us, her children. Having come from humble roots, she dreamt of living a good and comfortable life. I believe this has been her driving force to improve on whatever she already had. She valued her education because she knew that this will allow her to achieve her dreams. And in working towards her dreams, she showed her determination to only be the best in whatever she was doing.

Mommy had a very strong character and that’s why she has always been my pillar and strength. She is my inspiration for achieving what I have and will still achieve in my life. She has instilled in her children, both my brother and I, the value of education. I remember her saying that there is nothing that she could leave us with in this world, but EDUCATION. She always said, “walang katumbas na kayamanan ang EDUKASYON”. Indeed, she and Daddy strived their very best to send us only to the best private schools and then to the premiere university in the Philippines. They supported us all throughout school, knowing that if we went to the best schools and got our degrees, they can let go of us into the world knowing that we would be in good places, wherever we are. Now that I have my own family, this legacy from my Mom would be my inspiration to work hard so that I can also provide my children with the best education.

While growing up, Mommy had always told me that we should CHOOSE our FRIENDS. Knowing my very friendly and trusting character, she always reminded me that not everyone I meet is my friend. For only true friends shine in the darkest of times. I did not understand this when I was younger, but now that I am older; I realize how true her statement was. Indeed, my Mom and my Dad have been surrounded by true friends, who have survived the test of time. These are friends whose lives they have touched by always being there for them, both in good and bad times --- by being there when no one else could be, and by being available to them during the most trying of times. I can attest to her statement now, for indeed, her true friends have surfaced to provide myself, Daddy, and my brother the comfort we need, now that Mommy has passed on.

Mommy will always be my moral conscience. She has always taught me about the love of God and that moral integrity is the utmost building block of one’s character. She never supported any blurry tactics or “panloloko”. She would always tell me that what I do NOW would reflect on me as I live life towards the future. Thus, when faced with doubt in decisions I need to make, I only ask one question, “Will Mommy approve of this?” Only if I can say YES will I know that I have made the right decision.

After Mommy’s passing, a friend of mine said, “Your Mom left a beautiful legacy, and that is YOU.” I can only smile and agree to this statement because I know, that I will continue living my life, based on these 3 things that Mommy has instilled in me --- the value of education, the value of having true friends and of helping others, and the love of God. These, my Mom’s beautiful legacy, I intend to pass on to her granddaughters.

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