Tuesday, January 29, 2008

New Skin?

I have mentioned in the past how "OC" my daughter is turning to be... she's so hollywood at times and too often she just wants everything to be "perfect". She wants her placemat fixed, meaning, facing her and in a straight line. She needs to have a matching pair of utensils. Don't ever try calming her when her water drips and gets her wet, she'll say, "the water spilled Mommy!!!" (like it shouldn't have spilt in the first place). Don't argue with her when she's doing her crafts or even homework, she hates erasures and mistakes! Last weekend, her little fingers accidentally got caught in her cousin's cabinet doors. She was strong as she could be and we were all wondering why she didn't cry. Well, she had better concerns than pain I guess... the question she asked was "Mommy, when my ou-wee gets better, will my finger have new skin?" Well, when you're OC, I guess, vanity just comes naturally.

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